Airlift Helicopter Fleet

Our aircraft are maintained to FAR Part 135 standards, the most stringent in the industry. We make sure all of our aircraft are ready to take on the challenges of your project in complete confidence.

Aircraft Fleet

Bell UH-1H/703 Super Huey

This workhorse can lift up to 3000 lbs. externally, and has been used extensively to support power line construction, mining and exploration projects as well as aerial firefighting.

Bell 206L3 Longranger

The Longranger is a time-tested platform for both passenger transportation and external load lifts up to 1600 lbs. Seating five passengers plus a pilot, this aircraft is especially useful in crew changes and wherever ground vehicles cannot travel.

Hughes 500D

This light, fast and maneuverable helicopter is capable of lifting up to 1000 lbs. externally as well as carrying passengers. Popular among power line maintenance workers for its agility and speed, the Hughes 500D remains an effective and efficient tool for commercial work.

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